Good games, weird data


Our sports media can be so binary. We think in terms of winners vs losers, analytics vs eye tests, the Jets vs competence. I created Warm the Bench to explore the areas in between those distinctions, celebrating the oddities and highlighting data that tells an interesting story. Analytics have revolutionized nearly every sport, but in that efficiency revolution, we can’t toss out the very human aspect that made all us fans in the first place.

Here, we’ll do our best to celebrate those moments.

We’ll explore different topics and athletes, from analyzing the insane variance of Ryan Fitzpatrick’s career to a deep dive into the Knicks’ young prospects. My aim with these posts is to celebrate the insane work and brilliance of professional athletes without diving into the needlessly dramatic, interpersonal nonsense that plagues so much of the coverage today.

Hit me up at with any thoughts, feedback, or ideas for future posts!

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Jamie Larson